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Crynwyr Cymraeg is an informal online opportunity, on Zoom, to worship and to share in Welsh, whoever you are, wherever you live. All are welcome, though the discussion is, of course, in Welsh. Send us your email if you want to participate subscribe here.


After worship and during conversation, we don't provide a translation, but if you do have queries regarding vocabulary, idioms and turns of phrase they can be discreetly raised in the Chat facility where one of us will be keeping an eye open. If you - or friends - would like to know more, send an email.

Quakerism came to Wales in 1653 with the convincement of Sion ap Sion, followed by visits by George Fox after 1657. Most of the early Quakers used Welsh as their first and usually only language. Many of them emigrated to Pennsylvania.

Quakers have been a consistent, if small, presence in Wales and had a natural sympathy for the non-conformist radical nature of Welsh public and spiritual life over the intervening 200 years.

Whilst worship is, of course, open to speakers of all languages, there are a few meetings who are all or mainly Welsh speakers, and many meetings have individuals or small numbers of speakers.


Then there are those who live further away and rarely encounter other Welsh speakers, or are prevented from meeting others at all.


Crynwyr Cymraeg is aimed at bringing people together who would like to share their experiences in Welsh, wherever they live across Europe or even further afield.

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